terça-feira, 12 de maio de 2009

Garway: St Michael's Templar Church

St Michael's church, Garway, is a lovely 13th century country church famous for its associations with the Knights Templar.

The circular foundations of an earlier 12th century Templar church can be seen outside the nave. Inside, a beautifully carved Green Man decorates the original Templar chancel arch. A variety of strange carved crosses and other symbols embellish the exterior of the church.

To the right of the piscina is this figure, which has variously been interpreted as a serpent, or an eel. It is possible that the serpent may represent the healing duties of the Templar knights, for in the Far East the serpent is associated with healing.

Now we come to the intriguing carvings for which Garway church is notable. Starting on the north wall of the nave we have this Dextra Dei, or Hand of God emerging from the clouds.

High above the west door is a winged carving of a dragon, or griffin. In the east dragons have a positive, or benevolent association, unlike common mdieval Western associations.

St Michael's Church, Garway

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