quinta-feira, 30 de julho de 2009

From Joppa (Jaffa) to Jerusalem

When the golden sun is setting,
In that far, far distant land,
And the ocean waves come rippling
Out o'er the sparkling sand.
When the perfume of sweet flowers
Come wafting through the air,
All telling the same sweet story
That God is everywhere.

When evening's twilight gathers
O'er all the land and sea,
And your thoughts are free to wander,
Just give a thought to me.
When morning light is breaking,
And song birds fill the air,
I know that you'll rejoice
That God is everywhere.

When in Holy Lands you are traveling,
And God's wondrous work you see,
On the banks of the River Jordan,
Or by the Sea of Galilee,
May there come to you sweet visions,
Gently floating through the air,
Telling you in words so true,
That God is everywhere.

- W. H. Mauzy.

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Criptex disse...

No fundo, bem lá no fundo, é quase sempre assim...