quarta-feira, 30 de abril de 2008


"The great old Irish houses, the proud old Irish names,
Like stars upon the midnight, today their lustre gleams,
Gone are the great old houses - the proud old names are low
That shed a glory o'er the land a thousand years ago.
..... wheresoe'er a scion of those great old houses be,
In the country of his fathers or the land across the sea,
In city or in hamlet, by the valley, on the hill,
The spirit of his brave old sires is watching o'er him still."

From the mythical city of Falias the Tuatha De carried forth the prophetic Lia Fail, "Stone of Knowledge," which utters a humanlike cry when touched by the rightful heir to the throne. According to popular belief, this Stone of Fal, of Destiny, was taken to Scotland by an Egyptian princess, Scota, and in 1296 transported by Edward I from Scone to Westminster Abbey where it is said to form part of the Coronation Chair. Irish antiquarians deny this, however, and present evidence that this remarkable relic never left the sanctuary of Tara, near Dublin.
- Eloise Hart

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